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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Impulse Buy Books Of The Week: IRON AND BLOOD by Auston Habershaw and HERO BORN by Andy Livingstone

We don't usually do double-shots on the Impulse Buy because I don't want you to be torn between two great reads when you're pinching pennies and living on a budget. 'cause, let's face it, the reason you're looking for a cheap book is because times are tight. Impulse Buys are meant to be cheap books that you spend pocket change on. But this week there were two really stellar fantasy debuts and I wanted to give you the choice between the swords and sorcery novel for fans of GAMES OF THRONES and the fantasy series you can share with your kids that's a little more like PERCY JACKSON. 

Let us know in the comments whose book you like best.
~ Liana  

First, the swords and sorcery... Part II of the Saga of the Redeemed picks up right where The Iron Ring left off …

After Tyvian Reldamar gets double-crossed by his business partner, he is affixed with an iron ring that prevents the wearer from any evildoing. Not one to be deterred by this setback, he quickly puts into motion a plan for revenge—one that will use every dirty trick in the book.

But things are never simple for mastermind Tyvian, especially not after he uncovers a sinister plot: evil wizard Banric Sahand is planning to decimate the city of Freegate. Now Tyvian must learn to work with—and rely on—his motley crew of accomplices, including an adolescent pickpocket, an obese secret-monger, a fearsome gnoll, and a Mage Defender…who is also trying to get him arrested. Time is running out for Tyvian's plan for revenge—while the fate of the city hangs in the balance.

$1.99 at

On the day Auston Habershaw was born, Skylab fell from the heavens. This foretold two possible fates: supervillain or scifi/fantasy author. Fortunately he chose the latter, and spends his time imagining the could-be and the never-was rather than disintegrating the moon with his volcano laser.

Auston is a winner of the Writers of the Future Award (volume 31) and has published work in places like Stupefying Stories and Analog. He lives and works in Boston, MA.
Twitter: @AustonHab

Then we have the brand new YA from across the pond... 
At the darkest hour, when all hope is lost, a hero is born.

When Brann is wrenched from his family home after witnessing its destruction and the death of those he holds dear, he is thrust into a life of slavery.

Miles away, a deposed and forgotten Emperor seeks an instrument to use in his bid to rise once again to power. Ruthless and determined, nothing and no one will stand in his way.

Brann might be the Emperor’s tool, but heroes can be forged in the most unlikely of ways…

$3.99 USD/ £1.99 for the ebook
For those who are wondering how an American found the pound sign on her keyboard it's ALT - 156.

Andy Livingstone was born on New Year’s Day in 1968 and grew up with an enthusiastic passion for
sport (particularly football) and reading. An asthmatic childhood meant that he spent more time participating in the latter than the former and an early childhood encounter with The Hobbit awakened a love of epic and heroic fantasy that has never let him go. He is a press officer and former journalist and lives in Lanarkshire, Scotland, with his wife, Valerie, and two teenage sons, Adam and Nathan, as well as having four adult stepchildren Martyn, Jonathon, Melissa and Nicolas and four wee grand-bundles-of-energy: Joshua, Riah, Jayden and Ashton .

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