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Monday, April 20, 2015

A Very Important Reminder!

Win it before you can buy it!

This is how this works... everyone who is signed up for my newsletter is automatically entered to win a free e-copy of any new book I release. April 28th THE DAY BEFORE hits the shelves. That means a April 27th I'll pick a winner.

And that's not even the fun part!

After talking to my publicist at Harper Voyager and batting my eyes and promising to be a good little author I convinced them to give me extra ebooks to giveaway. Which means more winners for the newsletter giveaway.

To keep things fair, and give you better odds of winning, I'll give away one book per 100 people signed up for the newsletter. Which will keep your chances of winning 1:100 regardless of how many people sign up. I can give up to 20 books away, so feel free to tell your friends, nudge your significant other, and convince the people at school and work to sign up.

Nitty Gritty Details: The newsletter only comes out when there is a big announcement, a cover reveal, and event scheduled, or a new release.

Bonus: If you sign up for the Impulse Buy newsletter you will be entered to win a copy of THE DAY BEFORE. The Impulse Buy newsletter comes out every Tuesday highlighting a new title that costs less than $5USD and is guaranteed professionally edited.

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