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Monday, March 2, 2015

Free E-books!

Arr, mateys!

Every time a new title hits the virtual shelves I get little alerts telling me that my book has popped up on a website it shouldn't be on. Usually for free.

This is vexing. I don't like having my hard work stolen. But this isn't actually a post about piracy. If you're old enough to be reading this blog post you are old enough to make up your own mind on whether or not you support piracy. You're welcome to read my thoughts on piracy HERE, and HERE.

Today I found a new predator swimming in the depths of the internet. This one is a website that promises to sell you an ebook for under a dollar and takes your credit card number... and then gives you nothing.

So far they've "sold" 642 copies of my debut novel coming out in April and, unless they got on my computer, they don't have a draft of that novel. The final edited copy isn't available yet to anyone. Not even my editor. It's still with the line editor for proof reading. There isn't a book for pirates to sell yet.

That means 642 people tried to steal my book, and had their credit card information stolen.

As much as I hate having my work stolen, I hate the idea of my readers (legal or otherwise) losing their hard earned paychecks to scammers.

Don't buy books off known websites. Don't download ebooks from sketchy pirate sites. You're picking up way more than a book and you stand to lose far more than you gain.

If you can't afford my books or live in an area that doesn't sell them for whatever reason, let me know. Hit CONTACT ME in the top bar of this page, send me an email, explain your situation, and I'll try to help. I can donate a book to your local library, or I can send one to you. If you aren't sure you'll like my books you can download samples on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes &Noble. Or you can check out the free short stories posted on the Twins Of Darkness And Good blog.

Don't fall prey to scammers or pirates. Be careful, and go read a good book.

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