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Friday, March 20, 2015

Fey Lights is in Print!

Strange things happen when you have a twin living on another continent. Sometimes you get these random emails that say, "You know what I need? A book with a blue cover on my shelf. Maybe you should print FEY LIGHTS. Ooo! I can print FEY LIGHTS." And then the next email you see if something asking about what day would be good for a release.

FEY LIGHTS is a very short story and one I personally wouldn't need in print for my private collection. But not everyone likes e-books (like my twin Amy Laurens). And not everyone has access to an e-reader (like MeeMaw the Fierce who depends paper copies of my writing as tribute if I want to remain her favorite grandchild). If you're like them and want a print copy, now you can get one. If you'd rather stay with the much beloved e-reader, the e-book has been updated with nifty little chapter dividers shaped like stars so you have some extra bling in your book.

SIGNED EDITIONS: I've learned the hard way that getting books up to Alaska and back to the rest of the world is a time consuming, and very expensive, process. Nobody wants to wait for a book that long. The good news is I now I have my bookplates. If you want a signed bookplate for one of my print books please send proof of purchase and your mailing address to my email (pictures of you holding the book are welcome). I will send you a signed bookplate sticker to put in your book. If you want it personalized for a gift, let me know. :)


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