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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Truth About Umbrellas

I've never been an umbrella person. I like them. Brightly colored umbrellas bobbing along the sidewalk on a rainy day are a joy to see. I love seeing crowds of umbrellas. I even like umbrella shopping. But I never did learn how to use the darn things.

See, using an umbrella takes some special talent I just don't possess. People who can execute flawless umbrella use can walk out of a building, open the umbrella, and enter a car all without getting wet or ruining anything. I secretly suspect these people have an extra hand or telekinetic powers because I can't get in and out of a car with an umbrella.

I've tried. It doesn't work.

So as much as I love seeing umbrellas I refuse to bother with them. I'd rather flip up the hood of my jacket, hold a backpack over my head, or - in extreme cases - pack an extra set of clothes and change at the end of my trip rather than use an umbrella. It's easier to shed a wet hoodie or change my clothes than it is to finagle an umbrella. Let it rain. Water isn't going to kill me.

Now that I've moved north I've found this lackadaisical attitude has extended to jackets. I keep my jacket and a spare sweater in the car in case I get trapped there. Otherwise? Why do I need a jacket to run between the car and the store? Sure, it might be below zero but jackets have layer and zippers and they're just cumbersome!

The only reason I both with shoes is because I don't want the snow getting my socks wet. Well... that and the fact I can slide my feet into my boots. I don't bother lacing them unless other adults are around to question my life choices.

Some things aren't worth dragging around with you.

Lately I'm beginning to think doubt and fear are some other things I shouldn't be bothered with. Self-doubt keeps you humble, but too much drags you down. Fear can be a healthy thing that keeps you from playing on the highway, but most the time it's better to grab a baseball bat and wade into the dark to see what's happening.

What are some things you can live without?

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  1. The trick with umbrellas is to unlock them and have them ready to open as you step out. So you don't waste time pressing the release and sliding the umbrella up when you step out. Then before getting into the car or entering another building, release the lock again so that you can quickly slide the umbrella closed. A twist of the wrist to shake the water off and viola, ready to go and completely dry.
    I find that my winter boots weigh too much for me now so I tend to put on my shoes instead. Aside from that, i prefer being able to carry anything I need in my pockets so I don't need a backpack or anything like that. I've never cared for purses and have managed to avoid them most of my life. I was extremely happy when my daughter outgrew the need for a diaper bag so I could stop carrying that around.
    Jackets, sweaters, or even just an extra shirt are my preference as well. Something easy to put on and take off and not worry about. Besides I usually get extra pockets that way. I like keeping things as simple as possible for when I hop out.
    As for other things in my life, impatience, intolerance, fear, doubt, cynicism, negativity of any type, these are all things I can live without. Doubt and fear are things no one can get completely rid of but I can turn my thoughts away from them when they come. First I have to acknowledge them and see if they are worth worrying over but if they aren't, if all they are doing is pulling me down, then I know how to turn away from them.