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Monday, February 2, 2015


I didn't do a New Year's post because I was in a hotel and still recovering from the flight from the mainland USA to the hinterlands of rural Siberia, excuse me, Alaska. It's more like suburban Siberia. We have stores here, but the roads are still under six inches of ice.

But yearly resolutions don't need to be made on in January. so I'm going to make some today and we'll see how it goes.

2015 GOALS

1) Write 1k every day Monday through Friday... I need to write more than this to get everything done, but 1000 words is 30 minutes and it needs to happen daily

2) Make a to-do list every night before bed... to reduce stress and to keep me on track

3) Hit all my deadlines... because if I don't my editor will hit me

4) Take opportunities to explore and grow... I have a tendency to play it safe and I want to push myself out of my comfort zone this year. If I have a promotional or life-experience opportunity come up I will not make excuses, I will go do the crazy thing

5) Take care of my physical and mental health ... I can push myself until I break, but I hate being broken so I'm going to stop doing that and try to be realistic about what I can and cannot do

6) Find joy in the moment... I'm not always going to be in my happy place (a tropical beach with unlimited funds and perfect health) so I'm going to find happiness in the imperfections and imperfect moments

I'm not sure all of these qualify as SMART goals. It's hard to measure finding joy or set a time limit of taking care of physical and mental health. I could set goals for date nights and weekly workouts, but those fluctuate. There's some hurdles between me and regular gym attendance. To be honest, there's hurdles between me and sanity too, but I'm working on jumping them. Sometimes you have to work with the limitations you have before you can move beyond them.

2015 promises to be a crazy, crazy ride. All the things I was busy doing behind the scenes last year are hitting the stage this year. Books are hitting the shelves, virtual and physical, and new books will be going to my editors mid-year for publication this winter or this time next year.

Thank you for sticking with through the quiet years. Thank you for supporting me through the crazy years. You really are the best readers and friends in the world.

Love you!
- Liana


  1. Personally, I would make number 6 the most important goal. It is very easy to find fault in things. It is much harder to find joy and be positive about things. It is something I try for every day. Not easy when I'm sick and feeling miserable but very important to do so anyway.

    As for sanity, that's overrated. :P Everyone needs some insanity in their life to make it interesting and shake things up a bit. :D

    1. Doing as well as can be expected. Unfortunately I've been fighting a cold for a few weeks, I just can't shake them as easily any more. But feeling a bit better every day. Just need to get my electrolytes back up so I'm not so tired all the time. I'm taking liquid iron now as well and that has to be taken a few hours apart from other medicines so taking cold medicine every 4 hours makes it difficult to time the iron supplement unless I really watch the time. It doesn't matter if I take the magnesium and potassium close to when I take the cold medicine but it's hard finding something to help kill the taste of the potassium. I try to take that solo so if I do end up throwing up I only lose that. So far I'm managing to keep it down most days. Today was a fun day because of all the snow we've received. I woke up to my living room windows 2/3 covered in snow. The cats didn't like it so someone went out and cleared part of the window so they could see out. It was fun watching their reaction, especially when they thought the shovel was coming right at them. One could almost think they were ashamed of their reaction of jumping back out of the way when the window was there. Hehehe.

  2. I'm with Ilnara: 5 and 6 are the important ones. If you can get those right (or at least right-ish), the rest will follow naturally.

    Something that's really helping me to be more positive this year is including a 'grateful for' section on my to-do list every day. In order to cross it off, I have to list three things that I'm grateful for that day. Sometimes they're silly or trivial things, or large generic things, and sometimes I'm scrabbling to find something, but most days I'm finding that it actually helps me keep track of the good things that naturally happen in my day, but that I would ordinarily forget in the hustle and bustle. It's a nice, tangible reminder that actually, even on the crappy days, something good - even if it's just a tiny good - probably did happen.

    *hugs* and *cookies*.