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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I'm In Alaska!

Good morning, my lovelies. Although 6am here makes it nearly noon for some of you on the eastern seaboard, and close to bedtime for everyone in Europe, and already tomorrow for my Aussie lovelies. .... Let's not dwell on that.

I'm in Alaska now and I've figured out why no one leaves: airplanes are a nightmare. I haven't flown since 2005 and I didn't realize how much everything in the plane had shrunk! I'm not a tall person, but I felt like a giant. The seats were the perfect size for my nine-year-old, but I didn't see a single adult who wasn't overflowing their armrests or trying to work out muscle cramps in their legs. It was a very unpleasant experience.

Alaska itself is experiencing a warm spell (see me not complain!) and the streets are apparently made of slushy. I'm told January and February are the coldest and dirtiest months. Only time will tell.

I actually spent most of the plane ride between Chicago and Alaska watching Guardians of the Galaxy on constant loop. Which gave rise to the phrase, "Growing roots like Groot."

Moving frequently means you don't have time to slowly ease into a place. I can't take six months to make friends or learn the area. Spending years in a place using GPS because I can't remember the roads would be a bit of a nightmare. So, as a survival skill, I've learned to adapt to new cities in record time. Google maps help a lot, no lie. I spent the months before the move studying the city and I have the map nearly memorized. It helps.

I see 2015 as a year for growing. We're making a new forever-for-now home. My career is doing new and exciting things. There are new books and new universes on the horizon. There are things I want to improve in my daily life, emotional and spiritual growth that I'm striving for. So I'm setting roots and growing, maybe even blooming, in 2015.

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  1. Happy New Year!

    Glad you've arrived and are settling in. Hopefully your neighbours are willing to make friends fast too. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Alaskan living.