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Monday, June 9, 2014

Packing and Insanity

So, this is the week I take off to tour the Lower 48 and see both sides of the family for reunions. The blog is being turned over to friends to party on. Some of them are stopping by to blog about how to write, some of them are going to tell you about the amazing new books coming out this summer, some will probably just run over and throw a party and have fun. They can be wild at times, and I think you'll like them.

I'll be tweeting (and vicariously Facebooking) my travels so you'll get pictures of mountains, and possibly Canada.

Let the games begin!
- Liana

P.S. Dear Canada,
There may be an invasion scheduled for July. Let's meet at Tim Hortons to discuss terms.


  1. Which Tim Hortons? There's even a trip planner that allows you to set your route by which Timmy's you want to visit along the way.

    1. Really??? That's the best thing ever!

      We'll be near Niagara in July, but probably won't cross the border. I'd like to, but passports for all the kids and lines and hassles and blah. It's not really worth it. Especially if I can find a Tim Hortons on this side of the river.

  2. Replies
    1. I'll try to get some while we're up there. :)