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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Insanity of Spring Break

You know the drill. Spring rolls around and like clockwork the school system dumps your little terrors in your lap the week before a book deadline (self-imposed or otherwise) and the weather fluctuates from wildly beautiful to simply wild and you're trying to convince the savages to not roast the couch cushions in mud sauce.

When Spring Break hits the only thing for a wise parent to do is batten the hatches and wait for the storm to roll past. Certain things will take a hit, like cleaning and blogging. Certain things suddenly become top priorities, like walking five miles at the zoo so the kids can see every single monkey in the state. And then you acquire strange things you never knew you needed, like stuffed green monkeys without tails.

What I'm trying to say is.... I will bake you cookies by the plateful if you come rescue me from the natives long enough for me to get some editing done tomorrow. Big plates full of cookies. Or something else. I make really good food. What do you want to eat? What bribery will get you to distract my children for a few hours?

*listens to crickets*

I'll take that as a no. I guess I'll resort to the time honored method of letting my children play outside with sticks. What could possible go wrong?

Happy spring break!


  1. If I lived close enough I would gladly take your kids for a few hours.