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Thursday, March 6, 2014


To My Neighbor H Who Reads My Blog: 

This is not an invitation to kidnap me!

Just sayin'....

Anyways, this workout thing? It's not happening.

I got into the gym habit in South Carolina, partly to get out of the tiny apartment, but mostly because it was easy. I drove the girls to school and went straight from there to the gym for a 9am weight lifting class three days a week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, when DH had evening classes, I went to 5pm yoga while the kids played in the daycare. It helped keep our long evenings from becoming overly stressful and it kept me healthy.

In Florida I went to the gym after dropping Bug off at school. The gym was right next to his pre-school and it was easy to go in and run a few miles, take a cardio class, or lift weights before coming home in time for the baby's morning nap.

Now the nearest gym with a daycare is 30 minutes away. I don't have to drive anyone to school. The baby takes one long nap in the middle of the day. And the mornings are usually when I get my writing done so I am loath to give them up. I'd need to budget 2-3 hours for the gym each morning I want to go. My time is already sliced thin, and I'm not sure I can budget an hour of travel time for a 60-90 minute workout.

So we bought weights for the house. I have everything I need to workout at home. I have yoga. I have pilates. I have blogilates and pump DVDs. I have everything but the motivation.

Being healthy and happy and knowing I enjoy working out isn't getting me off my tush. My winter weight gain isn't getting me moving. The gentle suggestions from my doctor that a little exercise might be a good thing does nothing for me.

My self-diagnosis is that working out has become Another Thing To Do and I'm already so stressed about other things that I drop it out of a sort of self-defense. When I get overwhelmed I can manage to do two, maybe three big tasks every day, and the more stressed I am the more things I drop. Working out got dropped during the move and I haven't figured out how to shuffle it back into the mix.

So.... what motivates you? What gets you to pick up something that requires a major commitment? What gets you to the gym each day?


  1. Oh, I am so hearing you. The weight just keeps climbing and the junk food influxing, and to myself I'm like, you're stupid! This isnt hard! But you've got it exactly: it's another thing on the horrendous to do list, and unlike the rest, it's neither urgent nor fun. >.< If you figure out how to get motivated, let me know!!! :D

  2. It's always tricky fitting fitness into a busy life - I don't like gyms (I prefer the outside) so I walk while listening to podcasts (writing ones and ones for research) or while plotting in my head - which makes me feel more efficient. I walk quicker when thinking too.