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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Are the boxes unpacked yet?

Ha, ha, you're so funny!

So.... I finally have a couch! A real sectional couch that I picked out with my family and paid money for and had delivered with the tags from the factory still on them. I feel like such an adult!

And several of you have asked for pictures of the new digs. And I keep saying it'll happen as soon as I have the boxes unpacked. And I still haven't unpacked the wall of boxes from my bedroom.

I think I may have to sacrifice some writing time to finish the unpacking. While I'm at it, I might go hang up the pictures that are stacked on the Kid's desk and corral the mess that is my office space right now.

Then I can get you pictures of the new house! Exciting! Well... sort of exciting. As exciting as my life gets at any rate.

Tell me stories while I unpack. What exciting things have you been up to?


  1. Yay for your new couch!

    Hmmm...Tell you stories while you unpack...Our story is about the same as yours, I suppose. So that's pretty boring to tell. Our new house is pretty exciting with a swimming pool, but we're moving again before we could get too settled in.

    We have a whole room of boxes we haven't unpacked from our last move this past July. Now that we're moving yet again, in June, we're not even thinking of unpacking them anymore.

    So, we'll be starting the exciting move process all over again in a couple months. Of the 12 years we've been married, this will be our 9th move. No new couches for us. We're down to cinder blocks and two by fours.

    Okay, okay, I have to tell that story. When M was a Lieutenant and on our first move, I had to use the phone at a Major's house next door. When I went in, I was very surprised that much of their furniture was built out of cinder blocks and two by fours. Shelves, mostly, but pretty prominent in the house. I thought it was odd and told my husband about it. We had a good laugh.

    Now, a decade later after 8 moves of broken furniture and haggling with movers for replacement value, we are down to cinder blocks and two by fours. LOL!

    1. Ah! Military moves! Aren't they fun? You never know what's going to break next!