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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I'm over 30, so you'd think by now I'd know myself well enough to have a couple of definitive breakfast choices. Breakfast shouldn't be this torturous ordeal where I search high and low for something to eat before my day starts. But it is!

I hate cereal.

Cold. Hot. Lukewarm with cinnamon... I hate cereal. I like granola in my trail mix but a bowl of trail mix with cold milk does not sound like an appealing breakfast to me.

French toast? Pancakes? My mother swears I used to love them. I remember eating McDonald's hotcakes on school band trips, but secretly I did it so I could dip my sausage in the syrup. ... That didn't sound as dirty in my head.... Anyway. No me gusta. I don't like a sugar rush for breakfast.

I've tried going the healthy route, yogurt and fruit. Simple. Healthy. Low fat. COLD. BLAND. BORING. Yuck. Which is weird because I like yogurt and fruit. True, I prefer unripe bananas and avocados to most fruit. But the berries are so sweet!

I'm not a sweet person. Nor do I intend to become one in my dotage.

And this morning I stumbled across the most delicious looking breakfast. White cream cheese spread thick across grainy bread with half-moon avocado slices laid across the bread in tidy rows. It was stunning. Tempting. Promising. Over thirty years on this planet and I'm still discovering things about myself. Like: I prefer savory foods but fruit makes a good dessert.

I thought I had life figured out at 13, and 17, and 21. At 25 I knew I *KNEW* it all. At 29 I was smugly self-confident that this time I really had my ducks in a row. Two years later... I'm still learning. But that's what life is, right? A series of events, of joys and sorrows, that result in a continual evolution of who you are. Every day you learn something new. Every day you add to the list of things you've experienced. Every day you change in the tiniest of ways.

And that's a good thing. Change means growth. Growth means you're alive. Living means learning. Learning is happiness.


  1. No eggs? They come in their own case, they aren't meat, they aren't vegetable, you can cook them thirty ways to Sunday... go to work on an egg!

    Moody Writing

    1. Eggs are my Go To, but I don't want to eat them every day.

  2. I prefer the traditional toast, eggs, and bacon breakfast but can't be bothered cooking it all the time. In fact, most mornings I don't feel like cooking, so I usually end up doing toast or throwing together a sandwich. Once in a blue moon I like a bowl of cereal but really prefer to have cereal and berries as a snack later in the day.

    My family will have leftovers from supper heated up for breakfast *shudder* so it obviously means there's really no definitive "this meal only" food. So experiment with foods and find new combinations you like, at any time of the day.

    Of course there are also tons of recipes out there for breakfast casseroles and cakes and meals of all sorts. I just need to find someone willing to cook these up for me so I can try them. :)