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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The End Is Nigh

The movers have visited the house and done the walk through. The truck driver came, and he'll bring a crew next Monday to start packing.


He looked like Walter from Breaking Bad. Should I be worried? I mean, I've never actually watched the show, but doesn't Walter make meth and kill people? Do I want that in a truck driver?

He seems very competent. This is good. Our last set of movers managed to bend a slow cooker in half and smash a glass table to smithereens (not actually all that hard but they didn't try to prevent it either). And the movers before that snapped a couch in half (although the dogs may have helped). This guy has a plan for packing the paintings (another long story) and the piano and everything so they could, probably, survive. Yay! Survival is good.

So what are your fun plans for the holidays? Are you moving like I am? Are you going on vacation to Hawaii (can I come with you)? Are your buried under a winter snow storm reading TALES FROM THE SFR BRIGADE? Tell me what you're up to!


  1. Desperately trying to finish things before my monsters are home for Christmas, and being defeated by a poorly youngest. >.< Good luck with the move, though, can't imagine how much 'fun' that'll be over the holiday.

    1. I'm not sure the word "fun" applies here. We'll be living in a small hotel room for three weeks. Not small by most hotel standards, granted, but small in relation to the house we're in now. I'm grateful we'll have a roof over our heads the whole time, but oi! I can't send the kids to their rooms in a hotel room. *eek*

  2. We have a light coat of snow on the ground. It barely reaches past the soles of my shoes (thick soles because they are walking shoes) so I don't need my boots yet. It's cold though. So, I've been mostly staying in and have been finishing making gifts and figuring out which treats to bake over the next two weeks.

    Today, though, I have to brave the cold because I have a doctor's appointment and I need to get groceries. Looking forward to curling up with some hot chocolate when I get home.

    Oh yes, I've also been enjoying listening to Christmas music. :)