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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The crazy marches on...

The Tribble List...

It's like a To-Do List, but it won't stop growing! Every time you kill one thing, another pops up, and then seven more attack you from behind.

At the moment, my Tribble List is epic. Between getting ready for the move in December, handling the kids' homework load (we're up to four hours a night!), and juggling other Real Life things that come my way I feel like I'm drowning in the crazy. Really, when publishing is the sanest thing on your schedule, it's time to rethink your life. Publishing is all the cray-cray, it should not be your link to sanity. At all.

Yet it is.

Writing keeps me grounded. On the days every thing else insists on going fruit-shaped, writing is what keeps me focused on something other than the insanity around me. Although, that may be solely because I appreciate spending time with people who have it worse than me. Or maybe I'm just cruel and enjoy torturing characters.

Anyways, long story short... I'm busy writing and editing and not putting up new blog posts on a timely schedule like a good girl. It's a terrible failing. Why don't you give me some suggestions for blog topics so I don't have to think so hard about it?

Leave your requests in the comments box. Heck, leave story ideas in the comments box! Maybe I'll write you some flash fiction. :)


  1. You could tell us more about life in a spoon-less home. Disaster prep and go bags never get old. Those coral that eat jellyfish would make a good story.

    1. Those weren't coral I don't think, they're nudibranchs, a kind of sea slug. Slugs are way prettier in the ocean.

  2. Blogs about: NaNowriMo Prep tips, reviews of Bob Mayer's first two Nightstalker books, a blog extending the relationship metaphor in my quote of "Writing is the honeymoon. Editing is making the marriage work." to cover the full of publishing, and finish the post about a soundtrack for a speeding ticket.

    Oh, wait. That's my list. Want it anyway? :D