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Saturday, September 28, 2013


My son ran outside this morning like he always does, barefoot and in shorts. He stopped a few steps from the steps, turned to me with huge eyes, and said, "It's cold!" Then bolted back inside. He slammed the door shut, locked it, and looked at me accusingly. "It's cold."

He's four. Born and raised in the Deep South, and winter is really not a concept that he understands. Last year I had to fight him every single chilly morning because the idea of a coat was ridiculous to him. As far as he sees it, I should stop being a slacker mom and turn up the darn heat!

Lengthy scientific explanations about the tilt of the Earth's axis have fallen on deaf ears. This is the South, dashitall, and that means eternal summer. Or it should. Especially if your hobbies include swimming in the ocean, swimming in the river, swimming in outdoor pools, and running amok outside in just your shorts.

My son's only other hobby is Lego building. He's confused.

Not as much as the baby though. Cold is a completely foreign concept to her.

Poor thing, she just stepped outside and started shivering.

And, in twelve weeks, we move to Kansas... yeah. I see that going well.

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