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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Changes Are Coming

Into every life a little change must come. We outgrow things. We find ourselves with different needs after the years go by. And so we change, little by little, reinventing ourselves with each choice.

The next few weeks the blog is going to be in flux. There are some obvious updates that need to be made (Tales From The SFR Brigade is now available in several more formats), and I'm getting back to a regular blogging schedule, and if the stars align there might be a website in my future.

At this point the blog and my web presence need to be a little more focused on you as fans, and less on me talking about me because that's boring. It's about time I started providing you with something interesting again.

If blogs aren't your thing you can me on Face Book (where I've been lured into actual activity), Twitter, and Tumblr (where I have the Ask box open).

If there's something you desperately want to see on the blog, or FaceBook, or Tumblr, leave a note in the comments along with any other suggestions for a website or the blog that you may have.


  1. Personally speaking I like how you've been writing your blog and don't see any reason for you to change. You usually provide something interesting to read and comment on. :)