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Friday, May 31, 2013


Meet Arktos, known in real life as [spoiler redacted]. He's a [spoiler redacted] who [spoiler redacted] and calls the heroine [spoiler redacted].


Let's try this again...

I can't tell you Arktos's real name. It would spoil the story and I signed a very strict nondisclosure agreement with him just to get him in the book. The superhero in EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES (working title) is a tight-lipped kind of guy. He cools things down with his killer control over ice and arctic temperatures, which is handy when you live in L.A. and the air conditioning keeps breaking in his old apartment. But that's not why our heroine loves him.

Arktos is always a gentleman, even when caught between an insane pyro trying to burn the city down and a rogue superhero named Rage. Here's a snippet....

Arktos moved without thinking, diving between the pyro and the rogue, and throwing up a shield of ice. It steamed.
Something dug into his shoulder. He rolled sideways to see Rage poking him with a booted foot.

“Are you always this over-dramatic?”

“He was trying to kill you.”

“So throw an ice cage over him, not me!”

“I was trying to protect you.”

She rolled her eyes. “How adorably antiquated.”

Arktos stood up, brushing imaginary dust off his uniform. “I thought the pyro was adorable.”

“The pyro is getting away.”

He pivoted in time to see the pyro launch himself skyward. Arktos followed, chasing his quarry into the clouds and losing him high above the LA skyline. By the time he returned to the crime scene, Rage and her bike were gone.

Special thanks to HeroMachine 2.5 for helping me "draw" an image of Arktos. We all know my artistic skills are nonexistent.


  1. Ooh, I had never heard of Hero Machine. I believe I will go play...

    1. Oh, you should. I spend far too many hours over there whenever I'm planning a character.