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Friday, April 19, 2013

Where have all the knives gone?

Have you ever seen Sinbad? Not the old black and white (I loved those!) but the animated movie from a decade or so ago? If not you can check out some clips HERE. The thing is, it's currently Bug's favorite movie of all time. Especially the opening fight scene where Sinbad has two swords.

At this point that's the only part of the movie he watches. Once the fight scene is over he runs off to play outside.

On a completely unrelated note (or maybe not) I've noticed I'm losing butter knives at an alarming rate. I mean, sure, sometimes you lose a knife or two to kitchen mishaps. You might leave one at a picnic or a church potluck. But I bought new butter knives not two months ago to replace the casualties of last summer's BBQ season and this morning I couldn't find a single one!

Enter the three-year-old, running as if his life depended on it, "Hiyah!" He kicked an imaginary foe and light twinkled off his twin blades.

My eyes narrowed. "Son, are those mommy's knives?"

He blinked, startled by my demand that he re-enter reality. With three years of experience dealing with mom he went with honesty. "No, these are my swords!" And off he raced to save the day.

Every single time Sinbad is on Bug moves his favorite chair in front of the TV and attends the viewing with his trusty swords in hand, a devotee of swashbuckling agog at the animated prowess. And every single time I trail after him trying to find where he stashed all his other weapons.

I finally gave up and sat down on the much-abused recliner to watch with him today. For my pains I was stabbed in the head. By a butter knife. By a butter knife hidden in the stuffing of the headrest. You see, the recliner is ripped open, the stuffing is visible and Bug just couldn't resist hiding his treasures there.

While he was distracted I emptied the secret hidey hole and hid the hoard in the dishwasher. I have my knives back! At least until he watches Sinbad again...

Isn't imagination a wonderful thing? It can transform a square patch of grass into the surface of Mars, the depths of the ocean, or the tower of a castle. Imagination can turn dull butter knives that can't damage a banana into the sharpest swords. Imagination turns a blank page or an empty screen into a life filled with wonder and emotion.

What have you imagined today?

1 comment:

  1. *laughs* I had a similar problem with plastic containers when my daughter was young. I figured that would end as she got older.

    It did.

    Now I just have trouble keeping my silverware because everyone takes snacks into their rooms and when the dishes come out, here's no silverware. Yet I get told that they brought out all their dishes. I can send them back to search but still no silverware.

    Mysteriously, though, the silverware will show up on the counter the next morning.

    But that's just my imagination, lol.