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Friday, March 15, 2013

New projects, old projects, and queries... Oh My!

I like keeping a couple pots on the fire so I can have something to fill the down time on books (what little of it there is) but this week it seems several projects have home to roost. Eek!

The first round of edits on EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES has come back from my beta readers which means I need to edit and write the query this weekend.

I'm slowly writing a new novel, LADY OF THE LAKE, for fun and amusement and to give me head space to plot the next couple of projects.

I'm writing outlines for Heroes and Villains Book 3 and Jane Book 2. Both plots hinge on crucial scenes of the previous books so I'm a little leery to write and polish these before the other books are set in stone. Regardless, I'll start writing Heroes and Villains Book 3 in the next few months and Jane 2 shortly thereafter. It may mean massive rewrites come winter time but that's okay! Right? Please tell me it's okay.

So, when do you get the next book from me? Unless things speed ahead with the anthology that doesn't have a pub date (but does have a short story from me!) the absolute soonest anything would come out is June. And then only if I move at the speed of light through edits and rewrites. October-ish is probably more realistic.

The first snippet from LADY hit Tumblr last week but I'll share it here as well.

The black knight thumbed through it. “There’s a picture here of the Lady of the Lake.”
My cheeks heated. I’d seen that painting. “It looks nothing like me.”
“Having never seen ye naked I cannae comment.”
He was waiting for eye contact when I turned to face him. “Yer a bastard.”
“So I am often told.”
—- The Lady of the Lake and the Black Knight

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