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Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm looking at you...

Look is a word I abuse. I found a list of 35 synonyms but I think there might be more. Can you suggest more words to replace "LOOK" ?

Blink: to look at with disbelief, dismay, or surprise or in a cursory manner
 Browse: to look at casually
 Consider: to look at reflectively or steadily
 Contemplate: to look at extensively and/or intensely
 Dip (into): to examine or read superficially
 Eye: to look at closely or steadily
 Fixate (on): to look at intensely
 Gape: to look at with surprise or wonder, or mindlessly, and with one’s mouth open
 Gawk: see gape
 Gawp: see gape (generally limited to British English)
 Gaze: to look steadily, as with admiration, eagerness, or wonder
 Glare: to look angrily
 Glimpse: to look briefly
 Gloat: to look at with triumphant and/or malicious satisfaction
 Glower: to look at with annoyance or anger
 Goggle: to look at with wide eyes, as if in surprise or wonder
 Leer: to look furtively to one side, or to look at lecherously or maliciously
 Observe: to look carefully to obtain information or come to a conclusion, or to notice or to inspect
 Ogle: to look at with desire or greed
 Outface: to look steadily at another to defy or dominate, or to do so figuratively
 Outstare: see outface
 Peek: to look briefly or furtively, or through a small or narrow opening
 Peep: to look cautiously or secretively; see also peek (also, slang for “see” or “watch”)
 Peer: to look at with curiosity or intensity, or to look at something difficult to see
 Peruse: to look at cursorily, or to do so carefully
 Pore (over): to look at intently
 Regard: to look at attentively or to evaluate
 Rubberneck: to look at in curiosity
 Scan: to look at quickly, or to look through text or a set of images or objects to find a specific one
 Skim: see scan
 Stare: to look at intently
 Stare (down): to look at someone else to try to dominate
 Study: to look at attentively or with attention to detail
 Watch: to look carefully or in expectation
 Wink: to look at while blinking one eye to signal or tease another person


  1. Hi Liana. Hope you're feeling better. "Look" is a word I abuse too. According to my Oxford dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, here are a few more:

    take a gander

    Thanks for the reminder that I had this book sitting on my desk.

    1. You stole my list *laughs*

      I also try to use other descriptions like "Her eyes devoured the scene in front of her, interest and delight shining on her face."

    2. I like that. Although I now have funny visions of giant eyeballs chewing on faces. *sigh* There are not enough words in the English language to do all I need to do.

    3. *laughs* Okay, not exactly as I imagined that line. Although shouldn't the giant eyeballs be eating the scenery?

  2. THANK YOU for this list! And for implanting the visual of "giant eyeballs chewing on faces" as well. My day is made;-)