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Monday, October 29, 2012

Enough Dithering!

This past week I received a good tongue lashing (via Twitter DM) from a good friend and fabulous author who knows me well enough to know when I'm being stupid. I appreciate people like this in my life. There are days where I'm way too eager to trip over my own feet.

I'm dithering and it's stupid. I'm making excuses for why I can't submit books or finish things not based on facts, but based on fear. The fear of rejection (we all fear rejection), the fear of success (success in publishing comes with a lot of work and expectations and tons more rejection than failure - I consider it a valid fear), and fear of Looking Stupid.

Printing the entire DM where I stabbed doubt and shoved it out the airlock just to avoid being verbally eviscerated over the internet may be the only way of muscling through the bad days. No lie, there are bad days in publishing. There are bad days in any job. I imagine that if you don't have a job at all there are still bad days, maybe more because you don't have work (although that depends on whether or not you also have a trust fund).

Today is one of those days where I take a deep breath, and muscle through. It's a Monday with no good news, maybe Tuesday will be kinder.


  1. Can't hit a home run if you never step up to the plate and all that.

  2. Is Tuesday better? Good luck :)

  3. I hope things have gotten better! Here's to good friends!