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Monday, September 10, 2012

Upcoming Events

There is a lot going on this week, so let's circle the chairs and have a calendar scrub.

Today, September 10th
I have a query and hook in the GUTGAA pitch contest. This should be properly embarrassing because I wrote the query in nine minutes after deleting my other three in a fit of hysterics... This is only semi-true. Parts of the query were in previous attempts, by I pulled a Frankenstein at the last minute because I didn't like the set up.

I'm #91 if you want to go peek.

September 11th
- 3pm EST Ilona Andrews, Natalie Singh, and Katie MacAlister are doing a live chat on speed cast. If you're available, I recommend going to give it a listen.

September 12th
- With any luck, I'll have the final results from the reading habits survey. The data is very interesting at this point and I'd like to expand the survey to get a clearer picture. We'll talk about it later in the week.

September 14th - I spend the morning in a classified location. If I'm not back by dinner time I expect you to stage a rescue. Consider it your Faithful Reader Final Quiz.

September 17th - Interview and giveaway with author Patrick Stutzman. You can win a copy of ALONE IN PARADISE by commenting (super simple book giveaway for the win!)

Black Friday in November - The Black Friday Blog Hop, and something new from Doctor Charm and crew. (Do you see how I snuck that in? Wow! Feel free to applaud.)

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