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Friday, September 14, 2012

Rules For Guest Posts

I've been fielding several requests a week for guest posts, advertising, blog tours, and often strange combinations of the above. To spare you rejections, and save me some strange emails that I tend to delete, let's discuss the rules for guest posts.

Paid Content:
No - I won't pay anyone else to write on my blog. If you or your company writes paid content for blogs, that's wonderful. This is my personal blog as an author and I write my content. Thank you for your interest, good bye.

Paid Advertising: No - I'm not interested in paying for you to place advertisements on this website.

Book Reviews: No - I love reviewers but not a one. If I really love a book, I'll recommend it on Twitter or put it on my GoodReads account. Please don't ask me to review or send me a copy of your book.

Guest Post: Maybe - I do occasionally look for guest bloggers. Ideal guest bloggers are familiar with subjects my readers will find interesting: science fiction, science, books, writing, and publishing. I am not interested in your political views, car articles, or rants of any kind.

Blog Tours: Yes - Scheduled in advance and if you provide the content, I am happy to participate in blog tours. I'll even do interviews if you provide a synopsis. (No Erotica or Graphic Horror)

Cover Reveals: Yes - Send me an email with the book blurb and I'll let you know. I can't think of a reason why I would say no, but I'm sure one will show up in my inbox soon enough. (No Erotica or Graphic Horror)


  1. I really hate those ones that offer to write you a relevant post in return for linking back to a totally non-related corporate site, or in return for installing PERMANENT links/advertising in my author bio. Um, NO! It's MY bio, not yours. And the way they make it sound like they're doing you a favour. :-/

    1. I seem to get more and more of those every week. Hence this post. My email link is right next to the link to this, and if anyone has questions, I can refer them right here.

      I like promoting other authors, but I'm not going to sell motor oil or clothes on a SF website.

  2. I just got an email offering to send me posts for my blog, too. It weirded me out; don't they notice the whole "author blog" thing...?

  3. Well... the advertisers perceive you as successful... that's some kind of compliment