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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Which I Fail To Think Like A Boy

I saw these at the store today during my grocery run today. I thought, "Oh! Cute! I've been looking for popsicle molds!" I bought them as visions of yummy, healthy popsicles danced in my head. This proves I'm not a boy.

Because when my son saw these his eyes lit up. He jumped for joy. "Lightsabers!" Suddenly, my popsicle dreams were gone and Darth Bambino was running around the house jumping off chairs and stabbing people with his crayons.

That's how boys think. Popsicles are just drippy swords. And, in about ten years, the words "Drippy Swords" will make him turn beet red. In twenty years it will make him laugh hysterically and tell rude jokes at the dinner table. I love my boy, and the tornado-ish path of destruction he leaves in his wake.


  1. ROFL. Oh, the fun I have to look forward to :D Hehe.

  2. Well I'm a boy, albeit an older one than you mean, but when I was that age I wouldn't have seen them as light sabres. I'd have seen an exciting opportunity to make runny things go solid in the fridge. It seeemed like exciting science. :-)

    Mind you, I also once asked for "fizzy milk" when I was six, because I liked milk and fizzy drinks and the soda siphon, but I never repeated THAT request. ;-)