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Friday, August 31, 2012

Beta Readers Wanted

Let's end Business Week on a high note. Today I'm lining up beta-readers for the next six months.

This isn't a reflection on my current group of crit partners, I love them all dearly. *kisses* But I am fighting a war of attrition. I can't get anything critiqued fast with a writing group, and several of my regular crit partners are no longer available for a variety of reasons (new jobs, health, ect).

My beta-readers get first priority when I'm editing for other people (and I'm free for betas!). You'll also have my email so you can contact me for brain-storming, plot help, cheerleading, or anything else that might come up while you're writing.

If you're interested, just fill in this form. For my current or past beta-readers, I just need to know when you're free and if you have something ready for me to shred critique. If I don't know you I'd like a little more information so I know what project would best suit you.

Thank you!

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