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Monday, July 2, 2012

FCAT Update

After a flurry of emails and a very tense month of June Eldest retested today. We spent three hours at the school, she was testing, I was chewing my nails and pacing. The end result?

Eldest will return to her school August 20th as a fourth grade student.

I'm thrilled, in a slightly guilty way, homeschooling would mean a lot less writing time. On one hand, I think I could probably provide her with a better education at home. On the other hand, attending a public school allows her to have speech and language services four days and week. Not to mention the whole Losing My Sanity thing. Getting an hour or two to write makes me a happier person.

What this means for you is... not much. The blog will stay on Summer Hours until September. I'll keep waking up at 5am to write. My scheduled release dates (I can't tell you exact dates yet but they're coming soon) will stay the same. I am feeling a lot less stressed though.

Now... to pack Eldest off to summer camp and finish teaching Miss Pink fractions...


  1. Mazel Tov! I'm so glad she passed. Stupid !@#$! tests.

    Don't feel guilty about needing time to write. You're setting a great example by doing something you love. Someday, your kids will follow suit. And the whole homeschooling thing? Don't worry. Heck, I'm a product of the public education system and I turned out--

    Oh, wait. I might not be the best example. ;-)

    Congratulations again!!

  2. Congrats to Eldest. She certainly worked hard enough.

    There's nothing wrong with preferring her to be in school rather than home. I only had the one and I was glad to have some time alone during the day. It's not like you aren't having some kids home still so you'll still be very busy.

    Besides you do a lot of teaching on your own time anyway. This way she gets the benefit of both systems.

    Glad she passed and this is all over.