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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Break!

It's here! It's here! It's here!

Summertime is finally here! I'm going to run at the beach, bask all day by the pool, make new friends, and finally... wait... what year is it? What do you mean I'm 29 and have four kids? What kind of summer break can you have with four kids???

I miss being seventeen and carefree. :P

Alas, the year is 2012, I do have four kids, and I haven't been a teen in over a decade. Life marches on. This summer is insanely busy and my blogging schedule is going to reflect that. This week I am...

- Working on EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN and RAGE for Camp NaNoWriMo

- Editing for friends.

- Starting our summer homeschooling sessions.

- Prepping Eldest for a retest of the evil FCAT with an emphasis on reading comprehension.

- Dying t-shirts.

- Getting my washing machine fixed.

- Getting up at 5am to write every day.

- Probably losing my mind...

If you can't live without me (or if you want to check on the progress of your favorite series) you can find me over on Twitter as @LianaBrooks. Fun fact, as of Sunday night I had 1234 followers! It's not a big number, but it's a fun number because it's a sequence. I like sequences and palindromes. I'm weird like that.

Remember, the Boost A Book event is going on through the 8th. Be sure to drop by, read some books, and enter to win some books.

The newsletter comes out on Friday, make sure you're signed up. I should have the prize for the Midsummer Blog Hop picked out, and maybe - maybe - the cover of FEY LIGHTS to show you!

The SFR Brigade is doing a subscription drive right now. If you love a little romance with your sci-fi be sure to join. There's still time to join the Midsummer Blog Hop!

June 22nd-24th is the Midsummer Blog Hop hosted by the SFR Brigade. Everyone who comments on my blog will get an ARC of my new SFR short story FEY LIGHTS and a chance to win a beautiful midsummer themed necklace. You will also have a chance to win the grand prize of the blog hop, a new eReader. I hope you'll come to the blog hop to support all the great authors involved and have fun!

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