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Friday, June 1, 2012

#SFFSat - The After Life

Welcome back to Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday! Make sure you check out all the other posts when you're done here!

This week's post is from the opening chapters of DUNGEON CRAWL: THE FALL. Sari's last minute betrayal of her goddess leaves her forsaken and mortal in the middle of a battle at the city gate of Vondrin. Fortunetly for her Errod and Severre the Beserker are nearby. They're professional warriors, men who hunt war not as mercenaries but for the general fun of stabbing things. This scene is written from Severr's POV.

Sverre pulled on the rope. “It’s fishing for paladins.”

“Well, hurry it up. There’s a bunch of unwanteds trying to grab the line too,” Errod said.

“Whine, whine, whine. I thought you were a fighter, Errod, not a baby.” Sverre jerked the line one final time and his paladin came tumbling into his arms. “Hello.”

Crimson lips and deep tanned skin set off luminous gold-green eyes. She looked at him with her lips parted, practically begging for a kiss. And shivering. Now, how was a man supposed to say no to that sort of invitation? Sverre pulled her into his arms, holding her close while she sobbed. “Mmmm.”

“Sverre!” Errod shouted.


“We have a battle to deal with! Let the fishy go.”

“Oh.” Sverre pouted, looking down at his delectable catch. “But she’s so edible.”

“Later!” Two demons mounted the walls, each with four arms and curling horns and long knives.


  1. Lol, I guess he won't be throwing his catch back any time soon. :P

  2. "fishing for paladins" - what a great line. Cool snippet. I'm a big fan of banter, especially in the middle of extreme situations. These two sound fun to read.

    1. Severre and Errod have been together for ages. They're a fun team to write. :o)

  3. Well, who doesn't love the general fun of stabbing things?
    Great snippet!

  4. Priorities, man! Priorities! Great snippet!

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  6. So part of my comment didn't post and it didn't make any sense, so here it is again...with the same enthusiasm!! :)

    Smart, sexy, and action-packed! I loved it! Especially this part: She looked at him with her lips parted, practically begging for a kiss. And shivering.

  7. Haha!! That was funny. Loved it, and loved the cheekiness!! Good stuff.

  8. Absolutely! Very funny. I can totally picture this scene.

  9. Fishing for paladins? What kind of bait?
    (BTW I'm here--just forgot to sign up this week. http://jarnianconfederation.wordpress.com/

  10. The humor works well here and I love the fishing bit. The Paladins sound very interesting. I love the concepts here. Great snippet!

  11. I want to go fishin' for Paladins!
    great snippet!