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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I Can Do One-Handed

After having four children you'd think I'd have this parenting thing down. I don't.

I sat down to my computer this morning with a screaming Grumble Bunny and a shrieking Bambino, staring at Twitter and hoping that the internet would magically produce a solution to my current problem. Specifically, I was hoping my beta-reader would pop out from the screen and hold the Grumble Bunny while I worked on the missing scenes from JANE DOE. You see, Grumble Bunny doesn't have a schedule.

All my other children fell into the EASY schedule recommended by the Baby Whisperer (Yes - I have the book. Yes - I love that book. It's how I survived being a mom at age 20 when I was half-way through college.). Eat, activity, sleep, you! My You Time has always been precious. I use it for cleaning, writing, and sleeping.

Grumble Bunny didn't get the memo. Not only is she not content to lay on the ground staring at the ceiling during playtime, but she doesn't nap during the day unless she's being held. If you want something done between 6am and 10pm you will either do it holding the Bunny, or listening to the Bunny scream.

Frustrated, and playing in Twitter, I realized I could do things while holding a sleeping baby in her preferred position. I would just need to do everything one-handed. So, I spent my day trying to figure out what I could do one-handed...

1. Hold Bunny (very important)
2, Cook simple things.
3. Clean toilets.
4. Browse the internet.
5. Get a drink of water.
6. Blog.
7. Write a book.

Slow progress is better than no progress at all!

Now, excuse me while I try to make stirfry for dinner...


  1. We used a snugli: http://www.snugli.com/ when June was young.

    1. We had one and I broke it. To be fair, it was rather old.

  2. Good on you, L. Nice to see you setting some reasonable goals for a change :P :) *hugs*

    I second Edwin - front packs are the best inventions ever. Mine's invaluable for Minions' grotty days.


  3. I did the front pack with both my kids. It worked wonders, and left both hands free. I had horrible posture when seated...but I could get two-handed stuff done. :)