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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sanity Is Optional

I woke up at 5am to take Hubby to work. This is not a normal occurrence. Normally, we have two cars. But the rims cracked on my van, so we were up at 5am to load up all four cranky children, drive Hubby the 35 miles to work, turn around and come home.

Then up again at 8 to drive another 90 miles to a junkyard that had replacement rims. And back. I spent more on gas than I did on the parts.

And the day isn't over! Now I'm driving off to pick up mum at the airport, 150 miles away. Then back. Then out to pick Hubby up from work. And back.

So that editing I was planning on doing today? The brand new Super Secret Project? Those aren't happening. I am driving everywhere. EVERYWHERE. With four whiny kids on a beautiful spring day. I hope your day is a little less crazy!


  1. Would love to be able to drive everywhere, but I can not afford the gas and it is questionable if my van would do it. Have to be home before dark either way. My youngest child is in heaven and I would love to hear her whine, she never did in all the seven years she was sick. Yes it was a beautiful day. My mower started after setting all winter. Happily surprised me. Had to clean the battery terminals tho. Sharpened my chainsaw and finished cutting trees. Also sent in my first actual submission to a magazine online. Wonder how long you wait before sending to another. Grandson and his girlfriend came over for Tacos. Good day all in all. This is another one we will look back on and say. Man I wish I was that productive now. Used to get twice as much done. LOL I probably should have deleted this, but hey it is nice to have somebody to share it with. My blog passed 2000 and is taking off good. It was a couple days late for my anniversary but what the hey. I like knowing I am not the only one enjoying life. Take care and watch out. I used to hate driving in Florida. half the drivers were senile. Another 30-40% were stoned. I felt like I was a target sometimes.

  2. That's exactly what driving in Florida is like! They are out to get you!