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Monday, February 20, 2012

Look! A Distraction!

Blogging? Um... he he he... I'm a bit buried in edits right now. JANE DOE is behind schedule and I'm expecting another round of edits on EVFIL to show up in my inbox any day now. So look at the pictures of Bunny Brooks while I go work on this hurricane scene, 'kay?

Oh, if you're really bored you can go like my FaceBook fan page... or tell me how to nest pages on FB. I may need to hire a programer to make this whole fan page thing work.


  1. What a beautiful child. Love them when they are that age and do not talk back or give you a hard time. Getting up in the middle of the night is our own fault and one small consequence of our actions. Got to see my Great granddaughters on ultrasound yesterday. That is a weird experience. It is amazing the detail they can see and things they can do with it.

  2. Ric - Did the office do a 3D ultrasound? My son's doctor always did one for free, it was wonderful to see more than just a black and white image.

    Pippa - Is she a good excuse for not blogging or what?

  3. She is in till she has them and they were showing all kinds of stuff. Checked spines and you could see bones. Checked hearts and you could see valves moving. It was weird to see it all. Do not know how anybody can say life does not exist before birth. It amazed me. They zoomed in and out and checked many points on each baby.

  4. Ric - I remember the doctor showing me my son's brain. He turned to me and said, "Would you like a picture? It's always good to have photographic evidence when they become teenagers, just so you can prove they have a brain."

    I took the picture and it's in his baby book. :o)

  5. That is cute I should have asked them for evidence. The girls were born about 2:45 this afternoon. They seem to be doing okay. Crying and breathing on their own. little one was 1lb.14.oz. The bigger one was almost three. Nicole Renee and Ema Rose. Ema is the little one. So I are a great grandpa but I already knew that. More later. Ric ..Yours looked so small, was she a preemie?