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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Which would you choose: Star Trek or Wall-E? by Sarah Belliston

Pretty obvious choice in my mind. I'd take intergalactic community over wandering in space any day.

Now think of this question: which are you more likely to believe is going to happen?

With NASA wrecking children's dreams of being astronauts and the prevalence of this I'm not holding my breath for captain Kirk.

And yet I want to hold my breath. I want to believe that the Jetsons is possible and not just because I want the hairdo machine.

I don't want to resign to the fact that Earth's natural resources will run out some day. Or that with the way things are going government is going to regulate my intake of sugar and make me run every day and tell me I can no longer waste my time in pursuits that do not benefit society. Basically I don't want to end up in a dystopian (how is this not a word in spell check, yet?) novel.

The trend of dystopian is winding down, thoug htere are still some great ones coming out. And based on the recent book sales I've heard of, I'm going to say 2013 is going to b e the year of YA Sci-Fi. I for one am thrilled, and I know I'm not alone in this. It's been far too long since Ender's Game (PSA: It's going to be a movie!)

I'm excited to see a new generation of writers imagine the future and give the scientist something new to think about. (Like revisiting molecular transportation.) And I can't wait for teens to geek out over solar systems instead of sparklely vampires. I love Edward as much as the next Twihard, but even Meyers has moved onto aliens by now.

But more than anything I'm excited to stop feeling depressed about a future where we are controlled by media. I'm ready to be optimistic for a future where the brightest minds make up amazing things.

What about you? What Sci-Fi book are you looking forward to?

Sarah Belliston received her BA in English from Brigham Young University. She lives in Kansas City with her husband, daughter and mother in a never-big-enough apartment. Sarah's at the beginning of the road to publication with her manuscript Conduit, which she blogs about here.


  1. Ooh, Sci-Fi YA? I could get into that. Thanks for the great post, Sarah!

  2. Love YA sci-fi! I just finished CINDER and loved it so much :) My current WiP is sci-fi and I wish it was finished already so I could query it before YA sci-fi is the new (old) vampire story. Great post, Sarah :)

  3. Thank you for coming by the blog today!