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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Meeting Emily Casey

Emily Casey (THE FAIRYTALE TRAP) and Me on New Year's Eve 2012
Forgive the terrible lighting, and the blur, I need a new camera...

I'm an extrovert. I know you never would have guessed that from spending five minutes near my (over-active) Twitter feed, but I am. This explains why I love meeting new people, especially new people who understand that peculiar brand of insanity that comes with writing. Admit it, anyone who encourages the voices in their head is just a little out of touch with reality.

I ran into Emily on Twitter, and it turns out that she and a few other authors I chat with regularly live in the same general area I do! Go me!

After some arm twisting (and a promise of fireworks) I convinced her to come over with her family for New Year's Eve. So! Much! Fun!

The party was kid-safe, but still crazy with five families and fifteen kids running loose. We had two authors, a would-be author who hasn't committed yet, a psychologist, and an avid reader all running loose. We discussed books, lots of books.

Authors really do make the best friends. :o)

And, yes, I am THAT short. I wasn't joking when I said I was tiny!

Have you ever met an author in person? Was it at a signing? A convention? At a local restaurant? Were they as awesome in person as you hoped?


  1. Emily could just be really tall. ;)

    I met Jacqueline Carey at a book signing, and yes, she was awesome. Incredibly patient (there were a few questions about her books, most most of the audience were aspiring writers begging for advice) and inspiring and awesome.

  2. Christina McKnight (Chevyvibe)January 3, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    I have met many other authors...I am so close to the Bay Area in California. So many stop here on book tours or attend Romance Writers Conferences and meet ups. Cherry Adair, Pamela Britton, and Julia London.

  3. Jean - She's probably a bit taller than average, but I'm a lot shorter than average. It was hilarious because we've only seen each other on Skype and both expected to see someone our height. :o)

    Christina - Ahh... city living must be nice! Those are some great authors to know.

  4. I met James Scott Bell at last year's Tallahassee Writer's Conference. He was my lecturer for morning and afternoon sessions the first day. Awesome lecturer. I also bought his book "Plot and Structure" and had him sign it for me. :)

  5. I've met authors in person. Most are as awesome in person as you'd think. Some, sadly, aren't. I think a lot of the yet-to-be-published authors are as awesome in person as they seem in all the online venues and such. Sometimes the more success an author gets the less awesome they are. But some it just doesn't go to their heads. It's all about personality.

  6. I met Anne McCaffrey, more years ago than I care to confess to. Quiet, unassuming woman. Met Terry Pratchett a couple of times - very pleasant. But my BFF is an author from Alaska, Lauri Owen, who I had the pleasure of meeting for real last year. It was the best time ever!

  7. I've been fortunate to meet a lot of writers in person, primarily thanks to RomCon 2010 in Denver. Tops among them were Christine Feehan & Elizabeth Hoyt(got to be in a group of 15 for an intimate chat with both), Courtney Milan (just after her first book came out), Judi Fennell, and a slew of others.

    I was also able to meet Joelle Charbonneau on a book tour out in Denver. And then Anne Rice waaaaay back in the mid-'90's.

    Authors are awesome.