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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bushels of Pink

Time to donate some blankets...

I'm currently playing the waiting game with Baby and trying some of this "bed rest" the doctor has been recommending for the past three months. Really, it's "waiting for the in-laws to arrive so I can have the baby" combined with "too sick too see straight because I have a head cold" but we can pretend I'm being good.

The good news is that the first round of content edits for EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE are done! *throws a party* I'm doing one final read through and sending the manuscript back to my editor before I collapse from exhaustion. And... I've seen the preliminary cover art for EVFIL. You're going to love it! Expect a full cover reveal sometime in February.

But now for the important Friday Question: What should I take to the hospital?

I have bags packed, and I feel like I need a sherpa! Surely I'm over-doing it somewhere. Do I need books, a laptop, AND movies? How many books do I need? What movies should I watch while tied down by IV?

With Bambino I brought the entire VATTA'S WAR series by Elizabeth Moon to read, which became very surreal when I was drugged up and couldn't remember what space station I was on (true story - me and sleeping pills have a very odd relationship). Because of my medical history I know I'll spend a good three days lying in a hospital bed. Three days of sleep sounds great in theory, but in practice it's boring as watching paint dry unless my iron levels dip and I get to sleep the whole time. Funny thing about hospitals, they usually don't let the anemic patients go without iron... So I'll have energy and nothing to do!

Suggestions? What movies and books should I pack?


  1. A toothbrush, a nice set of clothes to wear home and an e-reader. The more you take the more you have to watch..From my experience with hospitals I believe they have a monitor at the nurse's station and when they see you doze off the feel obligated to come and wake you up. I am not sure if it so you will know they are doing there jobs or a some sort of sadistic ritual. Good Luck. <>< P.S. Suppose to have twin girl great grand babies in April on this end.

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