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Friday, December 2, 2011

A Fan Grrl Moment

Mireya Mayor, the author of PINK BOOTS AND A MACHETE as well as a noted scientist, mother of four (!) is on Twitter! And she talked to me -well - tweeted me, close enough!

I love this about Twitter. More than once I've discussed a book I love with a group of names on Twitter, thinking they were all fans, only to find out one was the author. Scientists, literary agents, authors... they're all on Twitter and I love following the conversations these brilliant people have.

If you aren't on Twitter, or if the only people you follow are people from work, you're missing out. Expand your following sphere a little and find the fascinating people.


  1. It's exciting for authors, too, to see all the different pics and profiles of folks who are reading their books. You have this vague idea of a target audience in mind when you start, and it's sort of weird and cool to realize that your readers often aren't anything like what you imagined. ;) Some of them even wear crazy things like striped socks!

  2. LOL! Now who would wear striped socks? Everyone knows that winter is the season for fuzzy socks with sharks on them!