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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lost in the Holidays

The turkey was eating, all the fingers licked clean, there wasn't a crumb of pie left to be seen.

The tree was unfurled, the penguins found, and the signs of "Winter Cheer" began to abound.

On with the lights! On with the wrapping! On with the old songs! On with the napping!

Hang up the tinsel! Hang up the bows! Hang all this "Winter Cheer" and let's hit the beach...



What did you think I was going to say? It's 80 outside. I live on the Gulf Coast. The palm trees are wrapped in lights with due care. We have the obligatory stuffed penguin standing in the corner, just there... And if I have to listen to one more rhyming song I will lose my mind! *cue the crazy music*

Whatever your traditions are, I hope you're enjoying your weekend.
- Liana

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