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Monday, October 17, 2011

Would you like fries with that?

No, that's not a college joke!

One of my favorite activities when I'm not writing is cooking. I even contribute to a blog about cooking! Very rarely, but it's there. Getting in the kitchen and making something delicious is my way of destressing. So it makes sense that one of my main characters also has this habit.

Food plays an integral roll on the scenes of JANE DOE. Entire scenes revolve around cooking, eating, and the interactions of people as they share a meal. Sharing food is such a rich part of human experience that I feel it needs to be included.

Well... that and I always used to wonder when people ate and went to the bathroom in books when I was a young reader. I could never understand how the characters in Lord of the Rings survived on, like, two meals the entire book! And they never once mentioned toilet paper. At age seven this was a very confusing thing for me.

*ahem* Off track :o)

Since food is a big part of JANE DOE my question is...

Do you want the recipes? Would you like steak with that scifi?

I have no idea what an editor would say to this idea, but I'm curious if readers would want the recipes. I'd include my original recipes, not recipes created by someone else (copyright and all), and they'd either be appended to the end of the book, or offered as a bonus material with publication somehow, maybe on the blog.

Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in the cross-genre addition or if you like your fiction foodie free!


  1. Isn't that strange? I love cooking too, and food keeps cropping up in my own writing. Never in huge detail, though, it's just that it's often part of the background.

    As for recipes, I'm ambivalent about that. It might be a nice bonus as an appendix like you suggest, but nothing more.

    But mouthwatering descriptions dropped into the story, yes, definitely! There isn't enough of it in fiction IMO.

  2. Hmmm!!!!!!I always pictured the sci/fi meal as an enriched, tasteless sort of goo packed in a tube. With a shelf life of forever...Guess maybe I do read enough...

  3. That was supposed to be "do not read enough"

  4. That was supposed to be "do not read enough"

  5. Joanne Fluke's writes mysteries and they always have recipes in them. She is now bringing out a cookbook. I enjoy her stories and I have tried some of her recipes.
    I really don't think it would hurt to include your own recipes.
    Good luck!

  6. I gave my vote on twitter, but to let you know I'm also lurking around here, I say go for it.