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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jane Doe Snippet: Nocturnal Activities

It's time for a new snippet from my main WIP JANE DOE. Enjoy!

The kitchen door creaked shut and Mac cleared his throat. "Um, sorry. I... I brought popcorn. I guess I walked in on the wrong part of the conversation."

"Mac!" Bri gushed. "I'd jump up and give you a hug, but I'm not jumping much at the moment. It's so nice to meet you. Sam's been telling me all about you." Bri smiled up at him. "You have gorgeous eyes. Sam, why didn't you tell me he had nice eyes?"

"Because you're married."

"I could start a collection. MacKenzie, have you ever considered the benefits of living in a reverse harem?" Brileigh asked.

Mac coughed. "Um, no. Thanks though. I'll, uh, um."

"Mac isn't interested," Sam translated. "Not every breathing male on the planet falls flat on their face for you. Mac, how do you make this remote work? I want to watch the movie."

He reached down and hit three buttons. Light flared on the television.

"Thank you." Sam stared hard at the TV.

"Any time. I like to pretend I'm useful," Mac whispered by her ear, and her cheeks grew hot.

"You can cook!" Bri said cheerfully.

Mac chuckled. "I can pour things in bowls."

"Sometimes that's all that needs doing." Bri took a handful of popcorn and smiled. "You've had far creepier roommates, Sam. I approve."

Mac laughed. "You didn't tell her about the screaming."

Sam leaned her head back to look at him. Bri was right, he did have amazing eyes. She narrowed her gaze to a glare. "I'm still not talking to you, tattle-tale." He blinked, looking a little hurt. "Besides, what you scream in bed when I'm your room is none of Bri's business." She hit the play button while Bri squeaked a wordless demand for information. Mac left laughing, and Sam remained stubbornly silent on the whole subject of nocturnal activities while they watched the movie.

I promise, the nocturnal activities are not what you think!

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