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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Despite Rumors to the Contrary...

... I am still alive.

Forgive the lack of serious posts and research. My schedule this week is keeping me away from the blog, Twitter, editing, and everything else that requires sitting still for more than twenty minutes at a time.

For those who have asked:

EVFiL is still out on submission. I should hear something back from most of the editors before the new year. I'm expecting to hear from two of them by mid-November. One way or another, I'll let you know what the score is.

JANE DOE is on draft ten and will head out for the next wave of editing at the end of next week. Watch for query letters here, because I'm going to need help whipping those in shape.

SEVENTY is going to get re-released sometime this fall so you don't have to buy a copy of the old magazine it was originally published in, but I don't have a date set for that yet. As soon as it's out I will let the newsletter people know, and it will go live on the blog and everywhere else when it's on more than just Smashwords.

Why more than just Smashwords? Because I read all my ebooks on a Kindle app on my phone and unless it's the proper format I can't read the book. Rather than torture all of you who don't have an e-reader by making you download a PDF file the Official Announcement of anything I self-publish (or re-publish) will wait until there are multiple formats available.

- Liana

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