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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Update on EVFiL

Doctor Charm is in the corner of his lab crying, and possibly making the minions rework one of his evil devices. Yes, sadly, our favorite super villain didn't make the cut for the Superhero anthology.

He wants you to know that's he's really quite upset about this. Obviously, an anthology about Superheroes is natural biased and the editors should have given Doctor Charm special consideration because he is part of much-maligned minority. If there were a super villain anthology I'm sure Doctor Charm would have a much better shot, but after serious consideration (that lasted all of 3 seconds) Doctor Charm is off to the races again.

Really, the editor was quite right in sending Doctor Charm on his way, a fact he will be first to admit. Doctor Charm sharing space with superhero rabble? What *was* I thinking? A character this charismatic needs the spotlight all to himself, and he shall have it.

Even Villains Fall in Love is headed out to a variety of publishers on Monday (if all goes well) with a sweet query note, a strong synopsis and shiny sample pages. Surely his charm will win some editor over and order will be restored to the universe.

(Doctor Charm is still reeling from the idea that there is a woman out there that doesn't adore him. It's very sad really. You should send him a card.)


  1. Hey Liana,

    Stop by my publisher, Melange Books.


    They have several anthologies each year and your Dr. Charm may fit into one of them :)

  2. Mysti - Thanks! I'll go see if it would fit. I'm making a list to query tomorrow. :o)

  3. Why, Doctor Charm, your very name makes me swoon. I feel faint just thinking about you.

  4. Doctor Charm smiles dashingly. Would you like him to autograph his wanted poster?