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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

After the storm...

Are we done with the storms yet? First it was Irene, then Lee hit the Gulf Coast. Really, my lawn oozes when you walk on it. There is such a thing as Too Much Rain (but not in Texas).

It seems that the storm has passed, at least for now. So let's try to do this give-away before the next one hits, okay? The winner (whomever that may be) probably wants books to read during the power outage. So let's hit it... the modified speed version of the pitch contest where the winner gets a $20 shopping spree at The Book Depository (free shipping!).

- You must be a blog follower. This contest is a reward for blog followers. No other blog contests will have this rule.

- You must comment on this post. I am not psychic. I can't tell that you meant to comment.

- A book pitch (1 paragraph or less) is worth 2 entries, a comment is worth one. Every pitch means your name goes in the hat twice, every comment means your name goes in once. Please do not spam the comment thread.

- Winner will be picked Wednesday.
*** The winner will then have a week to pick out their books and send their wish list to me with their mailing address. Unless someone finds the magic button that allows me to send an e-gift card this step is non-negotiable. If you aren't comfortable handing out your address please don't enter.


  1. Ooh, I'll comment! And pitch. Now, bear in mind this is my current WiP so it's not finished and I'm a mix of pantser and plotter, which is a dangerous thing to write a pitch for.

    Nicolette must find the princess everyone thought dead in infancy, find a way of waking her from the sleep she’s been put under, and stop war before it can destroy their kingdom. All while playing peacemaker between the three boys who make demands of her and vie for her attention.

  2. I want free (to me) stuff!

    Here's a pitch:

    Scholar-Mage Shala thought the horror of witnessing an attempted massacre by the genocidal Cult of the Cleansing Gods was traumatic enough. Taken into the heart of conspiratorial darkness in the imperial palace, she becomes the target of insane cultists, ambitious palace officials, and an eccentric empress who seems to thrive on unpredictability. She must delve into the mysteries of the recent past to find out the truth behind the Cult of the Cleansing Gods before she's killed and thousands of others lose their lives.

  3. I like free books!

    Here's my pitch:

    Scat never expected freedom to come at so high a cost. But she is willing to pay it for her loyalty to those who saved her from death is without question. When chance places before her the ultimate prize, Scat must come to grips with who she is and what she's gained over the years to help her people, or watch them fall under the sword of a genocidal Emperor.

  4. YAY!

    They say "be careful what you wish for, you might just get it". Megan's learning the hard way just how true that statement really is. With the help of Mason, the sarcastic boy from Boston, she must learn to fight for her life now that her dreams are becoming reality. Because someone out there wants her, dead or alive.

  5. Lucky for me I've got three plot bunnies I'm trying to decide between. I shall be working on pitches if you need me. *grin*

  6. Coping with the death of her husband, learning to run a country at war, and taking care of herself through her troubling pregnancy isn't enough to keep Princess Regent Wren Allard down. For possibly the first time in her life she has plans and she will do anything to protect herself and her child. When the time comes she may even be willing to send off her husband's false heir to his death--if only she can make sure her child will live to rule.