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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Come on, Irene...

I dunno... is this enough of an excuse to suspend the contest for a few days?

Not all my followers live on the East coast of North America. I know at least one is in Australia (Hi, Amy!), and the contest is open to everyone. And as a prepared Floridian in a house that's meant to take the beating of hurricane-force winds I have trouble wrapping my mind around the problem of a small hurricane.

Dear Hubby says it's like snow hitting the south, which makes me worry. I've seen people in Texas slam on their brakes for rain because they couldn't identify it while driving.

In sympathy for the people currently watching their snow-proof house sway in the breeze I'm putting the contest on hold for a week. The new page will come up sometime between Irene leaving and a dormant volcano erupting in Yellowstone.

Stay safe, people.


  1. Hey now, that "dormant volcano in Yellowstone" is about the size of Irene--seriously, about as tall and deep as Texas.

    If that thing goes, we may very well all go with it. :(

  2. And if we go with it I will postpone the giveaway again. Promise. :o)