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Monday, August 29, 2011

Changes (Not the Dresden Novel Kind)

I have a few more days before I'm plunging back into Jane Doe editing full tilt. This weekend I'm unplugging, leaving the phone and computer at home, and going away with my husband for three days.

After the experience of line editing EVFiL for submission I know I won't have time to split my time between reviewing and writing full time. At the same time, I am opposed to the idea of shutting down blog tours forever. It's fun to have someone else drop by the blog, and I feel that supporting other authors is beneficial (not to mention friendly).

My decision is to put reviews on hold after October 1st while I focus on Jane Doe. Touring authors will still be welcome to drop by, but I'll be asking them to do a guest post rather then volunteering to review.

If you've already contacted me about a blog tour or review, this does not apply to you.

side note~ If you don't understand the joke in the blog title please, for your own good, go buy some Jim Butcher novels and

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