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Monday, July 18, 2011


June 19th, 2011, Samhain Publishing
novella length ebook
Review Copy (Kindle)

Important Stats
Genre Urban Fantasy
Re-Readable if you like the series
Recommend to a Friend if they like the series
If This Book Were a Movie it would be the rom-com that wasn't quiet sure who it's audience was. We'd all watch it for the rocking soundtrack and the eye candy.

The Blurb
Are blind dates supposed to be this bloody?

A Secret McQueen story

They say it's impossible to find a man in New York City. Secret McQueen needs to find two in one night. Of course, it’ll mean pulling off the impossible—find and kill a displaced rogue vampire without disrupting the first promising date she’s had in ages. As a werewolf hybrid used to walking a fine line of survival in the vampire world, though, Secret eats impossible for breakfast.

Somewhere between hello and the first round of drinks, Secret makes her move. Her target, Hollywood’s biggest star, shouldn’t be hard to spot. Just look for swarms of fans. Except every time her vampire liaison, Holden, helps keep her mission on track, her date runs further off the rails.

Either Holden has a hidden agenda, or he knows more than he’s letting on about her quarry. One way or another, Secret is determined to get her man, and meet Mr. Right. Or die trying.

Product Warnings: This book contains a sword-wielding assassin whose barbs are sharper than her blade, a vampire with serious brooding issues but a skilled tongue, and an A-lister with a bad habit of eating his fans. This novella takes place approximately one year prior to the events of Something Secret This Way Comes.

My Thoughts

I've never read any of the Secret McQueen books so I went into this with an open mind. Although this novella is nominally a prequeal to the series, I felt like I were missing the joke. The whole way through I felt like if I just knew these characters a little better this would all make so much more sense.

-- The Good --
For a vampire UF this was actually a fun read. Not to bash the vamps, but the vampire UF books always run a risk of reading like fan fiction for the big names. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sierra Dean built her own world. Secret, the female main character, is almost a female Cal (from Rob Thurman's Cal Leandros series). She openly admits she's a monster, and she doesn't have a problem with it.

I liked that Secret couldn't go out during the day. She wasn't a semi-vamp or a sparkle-pire who was just another devastatingly beautiful uber-human with a blood fetish. She has Voice, attitude, and style, three things I love in a character.

The plot is tight, and the action scenes are well done.

--The Bad--
Really, I still feel like I needed to read the series first. Even though Sierra Dean made the effort to intro this world in chapter one, I'm just not feeling it. I don't know enough about the characters, and the way the book ends doesn't drive me to grab the next one.

Who Should Read This Book?
Fans of the Secret McQueen series, anyone who loves vampire UF, and anyone who loves romance with brooding males.

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