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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

There's something poetic about Independence Day. Fireworks, picnics, time off of work... it's the celebration of summer freedom!

To celebrate my freedom, and indulge my pyromania, I'm spending my day on a tube on one of these...

A river:
Not this one. This is a generic river pic to keep everyone happy.

When it gets dark, I'll light some of these:
With some friends, although not the same group we set these off with. (Miss you, Amy!)

Like I said, there's something poetic about July 4th, but I don't write poetry. I write books where things go BOOM! And now you know why.

River image found here, used under Fair Use. Firework image taken by the talented Amy Laurens the last time she visited. That's out husbands playing with fire. Because they can.

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