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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Beautiful Chaos of Summer

My whole plan for regularly blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside as we cram a few more vacation-y things into our summer. Tubing on the river, trips to the beach, long lazy days doing nothing in particular... gosh my life is hard!

Actually, with the kids out of school and DH off of work until next week the hardest thing is convincing my family that - technically - Mommy is still working.

Authors don't have summer breaks.

I guess we could take a vacation. I'm sure some people take a few weeks off here or there. give up the keyboard for a week to enjoy Disney, or a cruise, or a book tour, or a conference. But for most writers this gig is a full-time job we sneak in during our free hours.

Some emails need to be handled in a timely fashion. Sometimes there is a reason you need to read something on the web. Writing is a business, even more so now that the publishing industry is on a crazed teeter-totter with authors running between Legacy and Self-Publishing every week as the latest statistics come in.

Smart authors watch the market. They listen to what's being said. You have to know which houses and agents have which books. You have to know what books are making it big in the self-pub world. Not paying attention to the little details can trip you up.

And once you've done that, don't forget the writing and editing! As easy as it is to skip a day of writing, I really don't know of a good reason to skip two in a row. Authors have to write.

I'm sneaking in a post while the kids hustle to find swimsuits for the river. I'll try and sneak some editing in during nap time.

What do you do? Are you at the point that your family understands this is your job? Is it still a hobby for you? What's the secret I'm missing here?

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