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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Rambly Blog Post That Touches On Everything

I move so often there are days I forget what city I live in. My address is... wait, what state is this again? Texas? California? Should I be able to tell the difference?

Today I don't remember what state I'm in, what day it is, or what language I should be speaking. The girls asked to learn a second language over the summer holidays after learning their grandparents are all multilingual.

That's fine, but it means I've been conversing in Spanish, English, Gibberish, and Latin with a few asides of Arabic thrown in because DH is spending his week finishing his language class for college.

Really, I'm typing in English out of habit and because this is zombie writing... MUST HAVE WORDS... I'm about to keel over from lack of sleep.


The good news is that I've secured internet at the new house and should only be off-line for two weeks. Maybe less, depending on the hotel and what my laptop's wi-fi can pick up. Who knows, there might be a McDonald's wi-fi hotspot nearby (probably not but I can dream).

JANE DOE is in the loving, yet lethal, embrace of the beta-readers. EVFiL is slotted for completion before the move. First draft completion, don't get excited. It's rough, hole-y, and horrible, but at least it will have a beginning, middle, and end.

June 14th we have a guest blogger stopping by to talk about life, writing, their new SFR novel, and giveaway a book. I'm so excited!

June 18th Sierra Dean's SECRET GUIDE TO DATING MONSTERS blog tour stops by here with a book review (hint: if you like UF you'll love this story!)

June 20th my computer goes in a box...

I think my head is spinning just trying to keep up with those dates. Don't worry about it. There's a handy-dandy little calendar to the side of the blog. Look right. See that? :o)

Also, the blog is getting revamped again. Since I am doing book reviews - for fun and blog tours - there is now a page dedicated to links of book reviews. If you know I've read your book and want a review, email me. If I haven't read your book and you think I should, either comment or send me an email.

It's going to be a long drive and I'm looking for good Kindle titles to keep me sane until we get done with the move.

Enjoy your week!

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