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Friday, June 10, 2011

Not to be a Nudge...

... but you do realize that when we hit 200 followers there's a $20 book giveaway. You get to pick books at The Book Depository, and I pay for it.

You knew that, right?

And if we hit 300, I do a $30 giveaway. $40 for 400... I'm just sayin' - If everyone who followed me on Twitter, followed me here, we'd be close to a $70 shopping spree.

We have all sorts of blog tours, giveaways, and contests coming up this summer. You don't have to be a follower to enter any of them, but in the background will always be the promise of a free shopping spree.

Just so you know...


  1. I followed! Some good reads in that stack of books. :)

    Give me a poke when your story comes out this summer. I'd love to read it! (The M-Brane one.)

  2. That actually came out the summer of '09, but you can buy old issues of the e-zine for $2. And, eventually, I'll figure out how to put it on the blog for free.