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Monday, April 18, 2011

Science Fiction Mad Libs

Trying to write a novel? Are you stuck? Have no fear, the Fill-in-the-Blank plot game is here!

Circle the answer or fill in the blank as appropriate:

The main character is____________________________
and s/he likes to _______________________ while _______________________________

MC lives in _______________________ which smells like _________________________ and the first thing s/he sees every morning is ___________________________

The ruling faction/religion/benevolent council/authoritarian figure in this place holds believes in _____________, ___________, and _____________.

Everyone looks like ___________ except for _______________ who looks like ____________________. People say this is because of ______________________________________.

An important person named _________________________ who has the rank of ______________________ find out __________________________ can control ________________________ this leads to ______________________________

When __________ happens _________________ reacts violently with __________ and [insert major hyperbole here].

This ________________________ results in ________________________________________________________________________ and effects people for __________________________ years/cycles/decades/turns/ect

When MC triggers ______________________ the _____________________ does _______________________ bring about the end of the _________________________________________

To stop ___________________________________ from ending the MC _____________________________________ but breaks __________________________________________________

After that _________________________, a love interest/enemy/alien/pet rock tells Mc _____________________________________ MC is shocked

After a requisite moment of self-doubt and moping the MC is forced to act when ____________________________________________________________________

By a brilliant stroke of luck __________________________________________ and then _______________________________ which leads to _________________________________

And ______________________________________________________________________ is saved!

Looking back the MC now takes three paragraphs to reflect on emotional growth and the exciting future that involves universal domination and _____________________________________________________


(You may need to expand the blank spots a little so you can work in sensory details)

1 comment:

  1. About 1/2 those blanks could be filled in with the word "anomaly" :)