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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Letter to Friday

Hello, Friday, I missed you. Let's snuggle up under the blankets together and watch a movie with lots of explosions. Maybe eat some popcorn.

I want to ignore the world with you, Friday.

I want to forget all those other days. Let's pretend Monday doesn't exist, with all that horrid responsibility, early morning alarms, and the rush to school. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Such fair-weather friends, full of sudden emergencies and late nights.

But you, Friday, I know you love me.

I know I can lock my door tonight, turn off the alarm clock, and sleep with no interruption. You're the tempting gate-way to my quiet weekend. I love you, Friday, because of all the promises you whisper in my ear.

One more early morning, you say. One more workout at the gym. And then we'll break out the blankets and movies.

Friday, I wish you never went away.


  1. That's how I feel about Saturdays now. Hope your weekend is made of awesome! (and/or win)

  2. Friday is my fair-weather friend. Saturday, however, brings on the last early wake up of the week AND my weekly roleplaying game.